The best aquarium light of the year listed

by Achihiros on Mar 22, 2022

The best aquarium light of the year listed chihiros aquatic studio

We rename the Wrgb3 is Wrgb2 Pro, and we delay the release date, due to our production capacity is limited, at the same time we will release A2 Max light, to replace A plus series which we already stop production one year ago, thanks for all of fans support us! Brand new Wrgb2 Pro and A2 Max will come out at the end of December or at the beginning of January in 2022,it is before the Chinese New Year!

The power and luminous flux have been greatly improved, which means that it will bring better color rendering.

Chihiros Wrgb2 Pro original stand is same as Wrgb2, it’s adjustable steel stand, we offer another two options, which are non adjustable steel stand and hanging rope kit

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