Chihiros aquatic studio is a technology company specializing in the production, sales and trade of aquarium products. Founded in 2014, the company has a unique understanding of natural aquarium products. The company's goal is to enable everyone to experience nature better. The charm of the aquarium, providing professional aquarium products, showing the natural aquascape perfectly , leading more people into the wonderful world of nature. The company produces and sells aquarium products, which are exported to Europe, Asia and South America.

Our products support global delivery.

The director of the company, Mr. Ma, also the founder of brand Chihiros Aquatic Studio, regardless as hobby or career, is a person with great creativity and unique ideas especially in aquarium product design. 
In 2012, Chihiros Aquatic Studio was founded, dedicated to help more people enjoy the fun of the aquarium.
In 2014, the company formed Shanghai Ogino Biological Technology Co. Ltd and served as the chairman of the said company.
In 2016, Taobao and Tmall brand flagship stores was formed.
In 2018, Chihiros Aquatic Studio Malaysia is formed, serving as the main hub to support Southeast Asia market.