Logistics Policy


To provide a good shopping experience, please read the following instructions in order to understand our shopping process.


1. Shopping

Chihiros Aquatic Studio to provide convenient and quick way to purchase, you do not need to register another member but purchase directly, you can also use the "Facebook or Google login" to bind your account, to check the order easily.

• Shopping process: purchase goods> shopping cart> order checkout> fill in information> send orders


2. payment method

Credit Card or Paypal (for international orders)

3. Shipping Description

Orders can be placed to addresses that Fedex and DHL can ship to worldwide.

4. Delivery methods  & shipping days

We use Fedex and DHL to deliver the goods.

 If the package cannot be sent successfully due to the following reasons, and the contact cannot be contacted within 2 days, the package will be processed by return: 

1.The original address or contact number is incorrectly filled.
2.The contact person is unknown.
3.The designated delivery location cannot be delivered

Chihiros Aquatic Studio will notify you by e-mail that the returned order will be cancelled, and will deduct the actual return shipping costs and the tariffs of the two places, and return the original order balance.

  Transportation is the import of goods into other countries. According to the import regulations of various countries, there may be taxation situations that need to be borne by the buyers themselves.

 Additional fees, import duties, etc. incurred at the time of delivery are at the buyer's expense.

5. Warranty

One year product warranty from the date of shipment.


6. Replacement Issue Need Full Video Recording

Please record the whole process of unpacking. In order to protect the rights and interests of both parties, please be sure to record the whole process during the unpacking process to ensure whether the good are missing.

Incorrect delivery, out of stock, defective item, etc., please use the "complete video file" as the basis. (Starting from the unopened complete state of the delivery box is the complete video file)

The video must be clearly shot [unopened state], [object body], [product details], etc.

The video provide "the original file clear out of the box video", fast-forward or obvious editing traces of the video are not accepted. 


If you have any doubts about the product , please attach the physical delivery note and the complete video file within three days from the day of receipt of the goods. We will not accept the product if it is overdue. ​

7. Return

As an international customer you can return your parcel, it will need to arrive at our return address within 28 days of receiving your initial order, and need to be declare in 7 days after the payment completed. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any taxes, duties, charges or delivery costs which you may have paid when placing your order. Otherwise, the customer have to pay the return shipping fees.

•  Merchandise must not be worn, altered.

•  Please note: once the merchandise be open, it can not be return and ask refund. 

•  Merchandise must have be returned in original packaging.

•  Please email to info@chihirosaquaticstudio.com for return

    Letter of purpose: Return Application

    The contents as follows, please copy it and fill the information completely,



    Cellphone number:

    Order number:

    Reasons for return:

If you have any other questions, please click on the "Message" above this page or email us: info@chihirosaquaticstudio.com. We will reply as soon as possible.